Quick Fixes And Moneysavers

Everywhere you look, there are ways to simplify a chore or provide a permanent fix where a Band-Aid has been offering a temporary solution. At Camp Young Judea in Texas, Bar Twito, the Director of Operations, has been hard at work addressing problems around the camp grounds. Here are some tips he passed along:

  • For those who provide laundry services, consider buying solid color 30- by 40-inch laundry bags. Give each cabin a different color. Provide staff members with their own bags and wash them separately.
  • Swiffer and Swiffer wipes are an effective way to allow the campers to clean their cabin floor without storing chemicals in cabins. Although wasteful, it really does clean much better.
  • How do your campers clean their water bottles? Consider using a product like to clean water bottles every few days.
  • Having issues with dusk-to-dawn sensors breaking or a porch light that won’t stay on? Consider using a product like Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B (indoor) or Intermatic T101R 120-Volt SPST 24-Hour Mechanical (outdoor).
  • Place 6-hour timers (like Intermatic FF6H 6-Hour Spring Loaded Wall Timer) in public places—tennis and basketball courts, outdoor gazebo lights, etc. No need to go and turn off the lights.
  • We stopped using duct tape a few years ago. Although painters’ tape is more expensive, it's worth every dime because you don’t deal with peeling paint. For glass windows, consider using suction cups or suction cups with thumb tacks (


Make A Cork Board Photo Frame

Try this the next time you are looking for a quick craft to keep campers busy:


  • Cork
  • Photo
  • Embellishments, ribbon, gems, flowers, etc.
  • Picture hanger
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue


Cut 12-inch square cork boards into 6-inch squares. Glue on a 3x5 photo. Embellish with scrapbook supplies such as ribbon, gems, and paper flowers. Glue a hanger to the back.

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