Pacific Emblem Company in San Diego has launched a newly designed website and coordinated brochure for the company’s offerings. As a custom headwear, patch and accessory manufacturer/importer for over 25 years, the company wanted to show customers that it is serious about offering amazing products to the industry, allowing them to re-sell and mark up to reap a nice profit. For more information, visit

Tomlinson Industries, a manufacturer of quality equipment for the water, beverage, and foodservice industries, hired two new employees. Matt Figas will take the helm as Director of Business Development and Finance. Melissa Figas will assume the responsibilities of Marketing and Advertising Manager.

BOB-CAT, a manufacturer of commercial-quality turf mowers, has partnered with OTR Wheel Engineering to offer the manufacturer’s Zero-T drive tires. The new, enhanced grip tires will be featured on all BOB-CAT Predator-Pro and ProCat 2016 model year mowers.

Waterless Co. Launches Updated Website

Vista, Calif.—U.S.-based Waterless Co. Inc. has launched an updated web site,, focused on the needs of the professional building, facility management, and professional cleaning industries. The site is not only useful for facility managers looking to install Waterless urinals, but also serves as an information source regarding water, water efficiency, and water newsworthy items. Visitors will also find information on how waterless urinals can help facilities earn points toward LEED certification and information for Federal (GSA) customers. For more information, visit

Aquatic Safety Rules To Live By

Overseeing an aquatic outing can be complex. The American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council says any government or private organization that offers aquatic outings should develop a written plan that identifies safety measures and appropriate supervision of students.

The Red Cross recommends that plans include:

  1. A program plan showing:
  • A preparation checklist
  • At-risk swimmers are identified
  • Staffers will provide supervision and control at all times
  • The event would be canceled if minimum supervision requirements cannot be met
  • Only approved personal flotation devices are used, particularly for non-swimmers
  • Specific rules are set for each type of swim venue
  • At least one staff member, other than the lifeguard, can perform CPR

       2. An Emergency Action Plan and documented practices

  1. A Safe Swim Day checklist that requires:
  • Reviewing rules and responsibilities of staff and volunteers
  • Reviewing Emergency Action Plan
  • Confirming staff/student ratios (see below)
  1. An arrival checklist that requires:
  • Certified lifeguards review the rules with students
  • Lifeguards conduct a water competency test and group children based on ability

5. Water competency testing that includes:

  • Entry into the water with total submersion
  • Recovery to surface and remain there for at least one minute floating or treading
  • Ability to turn 360 degrees and orient to the exit
  • Ability to level off and move on front and/or back position for at least 25 yards
  • Exit from the water

Parents should also be sure to review a camp’s staff/child ratio.

Red Cross-recommended staff/child ratios assume that children are non-swimmers, all supervisors are in the water with the children, and individuals with cognitive, behavioral or medical issues require more supervision.

In Water 18 Inches or Less

Age range                            Staff/child ratio

6 to 23 months                             1:1     

24 to 35 months                           1:2       

36 to 47 months                           1:4  

48 to 59 months                           1:5        

Over 60 months (5 years)            1:8

In Water Over 18 Inches Deep

Age range                                 Staff/child ratio     

6 to 35 months                                   1:1   

36 to 47 months                                 1:2    

47 to 60 months                                 1:3      

Over 60 months (5 years)                  1:5                                                                       

Information courtesy of the Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.



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