Product Review


Triarco Arts & Crafts Catalog

The catalog has added 24 more pages this year, making it bigger than ever! It offers an expanded array of products that will perform for you and, at the same time, keep you within your budget. For all your camp project needs, give Triarco a try—you won’t be disappointed.

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Lake Education Nature Kit       

Designed to provide staff members with the skills and tools to run great nature programming at your camp. The idea is to take kids into nature and get their hands dirty, to develop a relationship with nature that is meaningful and lasting.  Fun learning is in The Nature Kit!

American Green Ventures SpillFix Organic Absorbent

Made of 100-percent renewable organic material, SpillFix instantly absorbs hazardous liquid spills on contact including oils, fuels, solvents, paints and chemicals, enabling faster, cleaner, safer and more effective clean up with minimal downtime.  Until now, the revolutionary spill absorbent has been available only to industrial users.  It is now available to consumers in a 3-quart jar (absorbent capacity 2 quarts), a 7-pound bag (absorbent capacity 2 gallons), and a 20-pound bag (absorbent capacity 7 gallons). 

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SFA Saniflo Inc. SANICOMPACT Toilet

Offering a reliable green solution that saves both water and floor space, the SANICOMPACT requires no venting. In addition to handling toilet waste, the toilet can also pump water away from a nearby sink. Operating with only one gallon of water per flush (gpf), the self-contained SANICOMPACT uses approximately 38 percent less water than a standard 1.6 gpf toilet.

Osborne Coinage Company Custom Coins

Custom coins from are an ideal way to commemorate anniversaries and other facility enhancements for camps of all sorts and sizes. The coins can also be sold as souvenirs in gift shops and online, thus generating cash flow to assist the operating budget. In addition to anniversaries, custom coins can commemorate momentous events like the opening of new areas, trails, pavilions, attractions, exhibits, and more.  Custom coins can also be made into key chains, further enhancing their utility and their souvenir appeal.

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