Five Awesome Campfire Skits

By Jared R. Knight

Tired of using the same skits? Try these on for size: 

A wizard is on the stage and he is approached by three different people who come to him separately about every five seconds. Each person asks the old wizard the same question: “Is it Yuputa time?” Each time the wizard is asked, he looks into his crystal ball to see into the future to determine if it is Yuputa time; each time he replies, “No, it is not Yuputa time!” But a fourth person walks up to the wizard and asks him the same question; this time when the wizard looks into his magical ball he declares, “Yes, it is finally Yuputa time.” When the wizard says this, all of the people who have asked the wizard questions reappear onstage to gather around in the wizard in a circle. Then the wizard says, “Yuputa your right hand in; you put your right hand out; you put your right hand in; and you shake it all about, you do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around; That’s what it's all about.”

Invisible Bench
One girl pretends that she is sitting on an invisible bench. A boy walks up on the stage and asks what she is doing. The girl tells him that she is sitting on an invisible bench, so he sits down. Over the next few moments, several children ask what is going on; after they are told about the invisible bench, they sit down as well. Finally, a girl comes on stage and after being told about the invisible bench, says, “Oh, that old invisible bench, it was broken so I threw it away.” With this news, all of the children fall to the ground.

A man and his wife drive up to a drugstore; the man walks in, leaving his wife in the car. He asks the pharmacist how to cure hiccups that have lasted for days. The pharmacist replies excitedly that he knows just the thing. He then turns around with a monster expression on his face and jumps up and down yelling at the customer. Then the pharmacist inquires if that did the trick. The very frighten customer tells the pharmacist that he will check with his wife in the car to see if her hiccups are gone.

No Fish Under This Ice
A father takes his young son out to enjoy a day of ice fishing. The boy is so proud of his dad for teaching him about nature that he is listening eagerly to his father boast about how much he knows. They start to make a hole in the ice when a women’s voice is heard above them, stating emphatically, “There are no fish under this ice.” The father and his son move a few feet away, but the voice repeats the same thing. “Wow, Dad, is that Mother Nature guiding us to where the fish are? Then the voice is heard yelling, “No, I am the ice rink manager, and there are no fish under this ice!”

On the stage is a pretend barbell made from a broom handle or metal pipe and two cardboard boxes painted black that are attached to both ends of the handle. An adult spends about two minutes trying to pick this weight up and fails in each attempt. The adult leaves in frustration. Then a small child comes on the stage with a vacuum cleaner pretending to vacuum and he picks up the barbell with one hand to vacuum underneath the weights.

Jared R. Knight is the manager of Programs and Human Resources as Aspen Grove Family Camp and Conference Center in Provo, Utah. He is the author of four books published by Healthy Learning –101 Creative Programs for Children, 101 Age-Appropriate Camp Activities, 101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families and 101 Swimming Pool Games. He can be reached via e-mail at