Take Me Out To The Ballgame

By Jared Knight

Tired of playing the same old game with the same old ball? Here are some games that campers are sure to know—each with a new twist:


1. Yoga Ball Volleyball
A game of volleyball is played with two teams on a volleyball court with one exception—each participant uses a yoga ball from which to bounce the volleyball off.


2. Tennis Soccer
Two individuals play tennis using a soccer ball instead of a tennis ball and racket.


3. Wonder Ball
Prior to this game, a ball using tape and newspaper about the size of a basketball is formed, and small toys and candy are inserted within the layers of the newspaper. During the activity, participants sit in a circle on a blanket and roll dice. If a participant rolls doubles, then he or she begins tearing the paper off the ball in an attempt to remove as many of the toys and candy until another participant rolls doubles and takes over.


4. Hamster Wheel
Using a large tire with ropes drilled into it, a team attempts to keep a basketball rolling inside the tire as it is rolled from one section of a parking lot or field to the other. The team must only use the ropes to move the tire.


5. Hungry, Hungry Relay
Four teams compete to gather as many small plastic balls using a laundry basket from the center of a room or basketball court. Each team sends one person at a time who rides a skateboard on the stomach. The skateboard is tied to a rope, and as soon as each participant gathers as many balls as possible, he or she is pulled back to the team so another member can attempt the same task. The team that has collected the most balls wins the game.


6. Nine-Square
By assembling PVC pipes about 6-1/2 feet high and in the formation of nine squares, a variation of the game four-square is played. But instead of bouncing the ball on the ground, each participant who is standing in one of the squares must bounce the ball once out of that square overhead into someone else’s square or is eliminated from the game, and someone else continues. When this happens, everyone advances forward to the next square.

Jared R. Knight is the associate director of programs at Aspen Grove Family Camp and Conference Center in Provo, Utah. He is the author of seven books published by Healthy Learning: 101 Creative Programs for Children, 101 Age-Appropriate Camp Activities, 101 Games and Activities to Strengthen Families, 101 Swimming Pool Games and Activities, 101 Games and Activities that Teach Leadership and Teamwork, 101 Games and Activities to Promote Well Adjusted Youth, and Special Events for Youth Programs. He can be reached at jared_knight@byu.edu.