Public Restroom Company


ADDRESS:587 Business Parkway, Minden, NV 89423
PHONE: (888) 888-2060

At the Public Restroom Company, We're Known Throughout The Nation For
Building Better Places to Go.

Public Restroom Company designs and builds architecturally pleasing, safer, cleaner, odor free, more vandal-resistant, and longer-lasting public restrooms and other related buildings. Our design library includes plans for public restrooms, showers, storage, concession stands, score keeper booths, laundry rooms, maintenance rooms, and more.

Innovations built into the building include proprietary, non-permeable, non-staining, odor-free concrete floors and walls; three levels of design to reduce vandalism; anti-microbial components to protect the public and reduce disease; natural air ventilation built into the gable ends so mechanical fans are not needed; and special design features that consider the personal safety of visitors.

Public Restroom Company buildings are fully constructed in our strategically located manufacturing facilities then loaded onto special “low boy” tractor-trailers, delivered to your site, and installed using a crane to gently set the completed buildings into place by our experienced staff. Installation is typically completed in 3-5 days.

Contact Public Restroom Company for all your prefabricated restrooms and related building needs today.