Total Habitat

ADDRESS: 11621 Kaw Dr., Kansas City, KS 66111
PHONE: (785) 856-5546

Summer Camps (Design, Construction, Consultation)

We provide design, construction and consultation services to camp and retreat development/revitalization projects nationwide. One of our primary missions at Total Habitat is to inspire the next generation of nature lovers by creating authentically natural experiences that educate and challenge. In addition to master planning and development, we can provide your camp or retreat space with stunning natural water features and experiences, including:

  • Chemical-Free Natural Swimming Pool/Ponds

  • Interactive Streams and Lazy Rivers

  • Waterfalls, Grottos and Caves

  • Jumping Boulders and Climbing Walls

  • Splash Pads and Interactive Fountains

  • STEM/STEAM Learning and Nature Education

  • Recreational Pond and Lake Clean-Up

  • Tree Houses, Ziplines and More!

We will work tirelessly to create that memorable, challenging and authentically natural experience for your campers, inspiring continued patronage and countless social media shares!