Artisans, Inc

ADDRESS: W4146 2nd St, Glen Flora, Wisconsin 54526

PHONE: 800-657-4766

We don’t settle. Our research and development is nonstop. With the constant changes in designs and trends, we work diligently to stay on top. Our continued efforts have proven that we are the Leaders of the Captive Destination Market.

Artisans – a forward thinking, 100% employee-owned company – is breaking the mold while maintaining a commitment to telling your story in the best way possible.

Artisans is dedicated to maintaining a thriving business in Glen Flora, Wisconsin and holding true to the values and practices of our past as we position the company for the future. We may be in the Midwest, but our designs, and our constant approach to high quality garments prove otherwise. Artisans has been in the business for over 50 years and we are here to stay!

True to its name, Artisans is a company of skilled craftsmen and women. Employees pride themselves in their innovative products and high level of quality. We have the most dedicated and knowledgeable employees anfd we will not stop until our customers are 100% satisfied.

Being the Leaders of the Captive Destination Market makes us strive to continuously provide the highest quality, innovation and craftsmanship that you’ve come to know and expect from us. Over the last five decades we have received the highest marks for our designs, decorating, and merchandising of your apparel. Each inspirational piece we develop brings together every customer with their memories and stories about their experience with you.

Artisans is devoted to telling your story – today, tomorrow and far into the future – by creating unique garments for our resort, outdoor and corporate clientele across the USA and the Caribbean.

"The Art of Apparel®" is delivering value in everything we create. That is Artisans DNA.