Puzzle Pieces

When I was graduating from grade school, I was asked to give a speech on behalf of my class. Casting around for a topic, I remembered an old story my father told me. It goes something like this…

There was a little boy who wanted to play ball with his father. He asked his Dad, "Can we go out and play ball?" His father, who was busy at the time, said, "Tell you what, put together this puzzle and, when you're done, we'll go out and play ball."

The boy looked at the box and saw that the puzzle was a map of the world. With a smile, he said, "Okay," and left to put the puzzle together.

Ten minutes later the he was back. In amazement, his Dad asked, "How did you get the puzzle put together so fast?" Again with a smile, the boy said, "You probably didn't know this but on the back of that puzzle is a picture of a man. I knew if I put the man together right, the world would be right too."

Which is, of course, the point and the reason my father told this story to all his children (changing the picture of the man to a woman when he told it to my sister). It's also a reminder of the importance of the work you do in educating our children.

As you know, this wonderful world desperately needs these boys and girls to grow up to be men and women who are leaders and decision-makers in their chosen professions –- people who use the experiences and values you've helped provide to make a difference in their sphere of influence.

As we honor the memory of the victims of September 11th, we need to be conscious of the difference we can and do make in the future leaders of this country and work to make a difference within our own sphere of influence.

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Rodney J. Auth

President & Publisher

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