Move Over, S’mores

There’s a new campfire treat on the block that’s getting some attention. Whether you call them Pole Pies, Woof Ems, Eclairs, Camp Tarts or some other inventive name, they are sure to put a smile on campers’ faces. A bit of a warning—they do require some work the first time you make them. Once you have the rods assembled, just bake and eat!


Refrigerated Biscuit Dough (regular, NOT jumbo)
Canned pie filling
Pudding—chocolate, vanilla or any flavor—prepared according to the directions
Whipped cream

For The Pole To Bake The Dough
The poles should be at least 3 feet long and about 1-1/4 inches in diameter. You can buy wooden dowels from a local hardware store, closet rods, etc. Soak the rods in water overnight before using to prevent scorching. Use a coating of Pam or other cooking spray in between each batch to prevent them from sticking to the rod.

To Make The Treats
Open the biscuits. Take one and flatten it like a mini pizza crust. Keep it round and stretch it until it is roughly ¼ inch thick. Place it on the end of the pole, centered, and roll it down along the sides, trying to keep the thickness even.

Slowly cook the biscuits much like you would a marshmallow over a campfire, being careful to brown—but not burn—it. Rotate frequently and watch the color. Cooking can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. When you have a good brown coloring you can check and see if it is done by trying to twist the pie. If it is still tacky, it’s not done. When it comes off easily, it is finished.

Spoon your favorite pie fillings and pudding into the center. Top it off with a little whipped cream.

For a little variation, bake the biscuits in the shape of a tube on the poles. Fill the tubes with pudding after they are cooked over a campfire. Top with chocolate frosting and whipped cream for eclairs.

Or, cook the biscuits according to the directions above for the pies. Top with fresh fruit and whipped cream for a fruit tart!

The list of possibilities really is endless. Use your imagination and let us know what you come up with.

Other Options
There’s a ton of things you can do with a can of refrigerated dough. I didn’t realize it until I started perusing the web looking for campfire treats, but virtually anything can become a delicious meal or snack. Take a peek at some of these recipes:

Curly Dogs

1    tube refrigerated crescent rolls
8    hot dogs     
Ketchup and mustard, as desired

Separate the crescent rolls and wrap them around the hot dogs, covering as much of the meat as possible and securing the ends so it doesn’t fall apart. Cook them slowly over an open campfire.

Cinnamon Sticks

1 tube refrigerated biscuits
½ cup sugar
5 Tbsp. cinnamon
1 stick butter
Green stick or camping fork

Melt butter in square cake pan and keep warm.
Mix cinnamon and sugar and place in pie pan.
Open biscuits and roll into long strip. Roll onto stick and hold over fire without touching flames.
Cook until light golden brown.
When dough moves easily without sticking, it is done.
With a fork, roll dough in butter, place in cinnamon sugar and roll.

Do you have a favorite campfire recipe? Send it to us at and we’ll publish it in an upcoming issue of Camp Business!