Swing Education Keeps Camps And After-School Programs Fully Staffed

San Mateo, Calif.—With more parents wanting to provide enrichment programs for their children and the growing number of households where both parents work outside the home, the number of educational camps and after-school programs across the country is growing every year. However, camp organizers sometimes find it difficult to find qualified staff to fill in when an employee is out. To help address this challenge, a growing number of camps and after-school programs are partnering with, Swing Education, an on-demand marketplace for substitute teachers, to fill staff absences using an innovative, on-demand web platform.

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Swing Education handles the burden of recruiting, supporting, and paying replacement staff when an employee is unable to come to work. Camp or after-school program organizers can post a request on Swing Education’s platform, and substitute teachers can accept assignments via text message or the company’s web-based app. Swing Education has partnered with more than 150 summer camp sites to help them fill staff absences.

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“The need for substitute teachers doesn’t end once the school day, or school year, is over. Camps and out-of-school-time programs also need a reliable way to connect with quality substitute teachers to fill in when their staff members are out,” said Mike Teng, co-founder and CEO of Swing Education. “Our goal is to simplify this process for organizers so they can focus on keeping students engaged and learning.”

Swing Education’s web-based app features a clear, accessible, and easy-to-use interface that accommodates users of all kinds no matter their backgrounds, age levels, and tech savviness. With the platform, camp organizers have access to hundreds of substitute teachers without ever picking up the phone.

For more information, visit https://swingeducation.com/