Think Twice On Bunk Bed Design

Many camps have a skilled friend who is willing to do anything and everything to help out around a camp. And, when bunk beds either need retired, or new ones need added due to expansion, they are all too willing to dream up a cool design for a bunk bed, and start nailing boards. However, few camp helpers, and camp leaders for that matter, are aware that the construction and manufacturing of bunk beds in the U.S. are highly regulated with specific guidelines. So, before you build another bunk bed, give one away, or hopefully try to sell one, consider the following guidelines.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “This (bunk bed) rule reduces the risk that children may be injured or killed from being trapped between an upper bunk and a wall, in openings below the guardrails, or in openings in the ends of bunk beds.”

So, what are the requirements? Visit to find out!

--Information provided by Rick Braschler, Director of Risk Management, Kanakuk Kamps

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On “Pondering The Big Questions,” April 26 Week-Ender Blog:


Thanks for sharing your story … I found myself completely drawn into it. Great writing. I appreciate your openness and reason.

Steve Collins

Executive Director

South Mountain Christian Camp

Bostic, N.C.

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I appreciate thoughtful commentary, but I think that promoting religion—even if you say it doesn’t matter whic h religion—has no place in business communication. The camp community is filled with thoughtful, kind people who serve others in a meaningful way every day.  This commentary suggests that their lives are “sold short” if they don’t buy a religion.  As one of those people—and the employer and colleague of many more—I respectfully disagree.  Why would you wish to insult a large portion of your readership?

Cass Winner

Dear Cass,

We apologize if we offended you or anyone else. As you can see, our readers are as varied as our content and we do our best to accommodate all affiliations.


Christine Schaffran


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Great article from @campbusiness! Time #efficiency

(April 19 Week-Ender “Time Redesign” by Chris Thurber)

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David Seddon


@campbusiness This article and those related are great #summercamp front-line staff resources that I will definitely be sharing! Thanks.

(“Universal Vulnerabilities” by Chris Thurber)

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Great motivation for Friday afternoon at work! RT:@campbusiness: A psychologist's take on time management

(“The Science Behind Time Management” by Chris Thurber)

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Got the latest @campbusiness with guest ed@drchristhurber ... #intelligentreadingmaterial#summercamp

(May/June 2013)

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John Evans Recognized By Industry Leaders

John Evans Jr., Senior Vice President of Gold Medal, was honored with a Doctorate of Foodservice (DFS) award during ceremonies held at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers show. Evans also was named the Person of the Industry at the Tri State Independent Theatre Owners Associations Convention.


Schiff Scout Reservation Breaks Ground On Dining Hall  (with photo)

The Boy Scouts of America Theodore Roosevelt Council and BBS Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers broke ground for the new Hickox Dining Hall at the Schiff Scout Reservation in
Wading River, N.Y. More than 1,000 scouts, parents, council leaders, volunteers, and community members participated in the ceremony.

The $1.9-million, 7,100-square-foot dining hall reflects the traditional architecture of a scouting camp. The interiors will house a 3,500-square-foot dining room, an 1,800-square-foot commercial kitchen with a walk-in freezer and refrigerator, handicapped restrooms, and a storage room. The dining room will feature an18-foot-high, 15-foot-wide, paneled climbing wall, manufactured by Eldorado Climbing Walls.

The new dining hall will replace a building lost to a fire in 2011. In addition to BBS, the project team includes HE2 Project Development, construction manager; Thomas D. Reilly, P.E., structural engineer; Deli Design, kitchen consultant; and Construction Consultants L.I., general contractor.

The Boy Scouts of America Theodore Roosevelt Council serves 10,500 youth and 3,800 adult volunteers in New York State’s Nassau County on Long Island.