Join The Pack For International Staffing

There’s a new “kid” on the international staffing agency “block” that can help camps lower staffing costs and actually pay the international staff what they deserve. Based in Scotland, Wild Packs offer camps a flat rate of $650 per staff member, saving more than $800 per staff member. They suggest paying the staff member a minimum of $1,450 to help the student/staff member cover their costs, but this number is at the discretion of the camp, not the agency.

The agency is staffed by long-time camp professionals who have done an average of five summers in the industry and have all worked in leadership positions with a range of different expertise. The folks in the office who are doing all of the interviewing are also doing all of the placements, so the placement coordinators really get to know the staff members they are recommending. They also stay up-to-date with all of the latest J1 regulations (and all of the other “regulatory stuff”).

The organization is so passionate about camp, their goal is to open an “American” camp in the UK by 2016. They are also hoping to be the first ACA-accredited camp in the UK. They are currently looking at sites in Scotland and England.

I hired three staff members from Wild Packs for the summer of 2014. All three women were exceptional in their activity areas and would be welcomed back to camp for years to come. My placement coordinator, Hannah, really listened to my needs and wants in the “perfect” counselor and came through for me with flying colors. The director, Jamie, called or emailed me a number of times right before camp to make sure all was well, that the girls had arrived safely, and that they were living up to their job descriptions.

If you are an adventurous camp director, ready to try something new and exciting in the international staffing arena, then Wild Packs is your best bet. Visit them at Tell them Kris from Chinqueka sent you!

Kris Ebner Martin

Director, Camp Chinqueka for Girls


With Sympathy

Paula McCarns, 57, passed away on Jan. 22, 2015. She worked at the ACA National office for 18 years in customer service, the bookstore and business development.  Camp Business extends heartfelt sympathy to her family and friends.


Mail Bag

Building Character A Slam-Dunk Success 

I really enjoyed Ed Metzendorf's article, “Slam -Dunk Summer” (CB Jan/Feb 2015). I was happy for him to witness the competitiveness of young adults in a game of basketball. I have the distinct pleasure of enjoying that experience four times a day on five courts at the Red Auerbach Basketball School. Unlike the traditional 8 week camp program, sports specialties run for one intense week of learning, doing and competing. Bonding happens quickly and we are blessed to have campers from everywhere come to play. There is nothing better than to see youngsters grow as athletes, students and citizens. 

Steve Curley, Director

The Red Auerbach Basketball School

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On “Tangles in the New Safety Net” Feb. 6 Week-Ender Blog:

Untangled! Chris: Great tagline—Don’t drill without discussion. We have to remember the campers in EVERYTHING we do. Thanks for the encouragement!


CRS Guide Helps Select Water-Based Products  

Verona, Wis.,--Summer camps will now be able to choose the right water-based product thanks to the Waterfront Product Guide from Commercial Recreation Specialists (CRS). The guide shows products listed by brand and category so customers can find what they are looking for and make comparisons. It also includes a foldout diagram which helps customers visualize how everything from water inflatables and stand-up paddleboards, to shade systems and site furnishings can be integrated into natural settings to create an environment that appeals to all ages and abilities. For more information, visit